Data Protection/Privacy Policy

Your personal details will be stored securely on computer for purposes of

race administration/results production only.

Your name, gender, age category ,club and finishing time

will be published on the internet and possibly in newspapers 

or by the event photographer but no other personal or contact details will be displayed

or given to any third parties other than the Race Organiser who has a contract in place

not to disclose any personal data.

Only  your email address will be used as contact

 by the Race Organiser and You MUST

Enter your email address in the fields if you want to be informed and subscribe to

 newsletters, results or race instructions

when entering our races.

Unless there is an emergency situation on Race Day text message result system is used.

It is no longer compulsory to provide an email address when using

 online registration system, however this will inform the Race Organiser that you do not wish to be added to any newsletters or be emailed

race information and therefore you must use the Race Organisers

websites to find out important information about the event or any changes that may happen.


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